Walking Down The Memory Lane…

​Walking Down The Memory Lane..

You Don’t Know Boy, How Much Pain!

You Need Yourself To Train;

You Need Yourself To train !

Walking down the memory lane..!

Walking down the memory lane..

There’s No one Helping out here..

The reason behind is jealousy dear! 

Your Progress is their biggest fear..

The reason behind is jealousy dear! 

Walking down the memory lane…

I realize No one is yours out here..

Even the ones you call “My Dear” 

Even those who  share your beer. 

Walking down the memory lane..

You will encounter traitors here..

Chuck the stress and what ever fear..

And Gallop each and every tear..

Let the time pass year by year..

And see who stays and wipes your tear..

Wait and watch till dawn my dear..

Both of us will be here, Both of us will be here.! 

Walking Down The Memory Lane,

What to do and what not to?

Hope is everything, so you should do;

You are Hope, hope is you! 

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do;

I’ll surely last, But what about you?

-Aditya Kotturu



 Love or Hate.. Cannot define it mate !

I broke down for a girl for the first time in the past three years or two!

And the reason merely is you, yes you! 
I couldn’t figure out whether it was Love Or Hate..

Maybe its just because Of the tonnes of care you used to take. 
It was quite surprising how it all started..

And tragic enough, the way it ended

The way it started was an unexpressable  joy

And the way it ended, gave a feeling that heart is just a toy
A toy, to Play it when you need a good rhythm..

And To play WITH it when you need to throw him! 
I couldn’t figure out whether its Love Or Hate..

Maybe its just because of the Percentage of my mind you ate!

Earlier, There were thousands of feelings felt..

In the end, “felt” got reshuffled and Nothing “left

Love or Hate.. Cannot define it mate !

-Composed By

Aditya Kotturu


Not only to listen, to learn a lesson!
Not only to read, to go indeed.

Not to Appreciate the poet, but to feel the beauty and sensitivity of the poem is the feeling of a poem.
Being imaginative, the poessy has many thoughts. 

It’s a policy of thoughts which never ends, if understood…
Being polite, its not politic.

Polio cures polio, venom cures venom, 

Problems are cured by thoughtful poems.
Don’t think ‘No poem without a Rhyme‘ 


A poem is ever lying.

But a poem is a poem conveying a message.

So mate, always prefer a poem if package or drainage. 

AdiTya Kotturu

PS: This composition was scripted in when I was 14 years old. 

It’s My Turn Today…

Everyone credit their mothers for the reason they were born..

But somewhere it is also true that you were the reason-I was born.

A mother is known as a  Dove,

But you are never acknowledged for your Indefinite Love.

They say mother never lets her children hurt;

But you were the reason we could live in a Hut.

They say fathers are strict, stiff and other  stuff;

Its because they don’t know about your life;

How Rough! How Tough!

If you were not Amidst;

We would never Exist.

Mom is the car that keeps us inside her;

But you are the Fuel that keeps running her.

Mothers are known as the gift sent by the God;

But you are the casing protecting her from all Odds!

This is my thanksgiving dedication to you, my father;

Just be with us, be it happiness or rather!

You supported us to such an extent;

So, its my turn today to thank you,

and remove all the emotional Dents!

Love You Papa!

-Composed By


I wrote this poem, 1 year back, on the 1st of June, 2015. The day, being my father’s birthday, I couldn’t think of any other gift apart from this, delivered with a kiss!

Let Time Play It’s Turn…

You tried, you failed; you regret, you depress,

Now let time play it’s turn; let it express!

It was neither about now; nor about then,

Its about the time; how to do, and when?

Let time heal your life and you,

Let it peel off failures from you,

Let time; let it do,

And it’ll make everything kneel before you!

You know everything happens for a reason,

Then why don’t you let time play it’s turn?

Time never ceases, so why do you?

Keep working so hard that time works for you!

Remember mate, life is a game,

Where victory means fame,

This is a story since the first man came.

Life’s a wild horse, in a cage

To tame it, you need guts and courage!

Let time ride the horse, and open the cage

See the wildness dying of haemorrage!

Time’s Money, earn it!

Time’s a Master, Learn from it!

Time’s Running, chase it!

Time’s precious, preserve it!

Time is Life, live it!

Just don’t let time fall in a pit!

Time Flies, so why can’t you?

Don’t just let time ruin you.