It’s My Turn Today…

Everyone credit their mothers for the reason they were born..

But somewhere it is also true that you were the reason-I was born.

A mother is known as a  Dove,

But you are never acknowledged for your Indefinite Love.

They say mother never lets her children hurt;

But you were the reason we could live in a Hut.

They say fathers are strict, stiff and other  stuff;

Its because they don’t know about your life;

How Rough! How Tough!

If you were not Amidst;

We would never Exist.

Mom is the car that keeps us inside her;

But you are the Fuel that keeps running her.

Mothers are known as the gift sent by the God;

But you are the casing protecting her from all Odds!

This is my thanksgiving dedication to you, my father;

Just be with us, be it happiness or rather!

You supported us to such an extent;

So, its my turn today to thank you,

and remove all the emotional Dents!

Love You Papa!

-Composed By


I wrote this poem, 1 year back, on the 1st of June, 2015. The day, being my father’s birthday, I couldn’t think of any other gift apart from this, delivered with a kiss!


13 thoughts on “It’s My Turn Today…

  1. No words can express the love of a father you said it all hats of to the composition till now every 1 appreciate mother only for love but its the father who do all the hard work so that the love of mother glow in front of there children………
    hats off man………


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