Let Time Play It’s Turn…

You tried, you failed; you regret, you depress,

Now let time play it’s turn; let it express!

It was neither about now; nor about then,

Its about the time; how to do, and when?

Let time heal your life and you,

Let it peel off failures from you,

Let time; let it do,

And it’ll make everything kneel before you!

You know everything happens for a reason,

Then why don’t you let time play it’s turn?

Time never ceases, so why do you?

Keep working so hard that time works for you!

Remember mate, life is a game,

Where victory means fame,

This is a story since the first man came.

Life’s a wild horse, in a cage

To tame it, you need guts and courage!

Let time ride the horse, and open the cage

See the wildness dying of haemorrage!

Time’s Money, earn it!

Time’s a Master, Learn from it!

Time’s Running, chase it!

Time’s precious, preserve it!

Time is Life, live it!

Just don’t let time fall in a pit!

Time Flies, so why can’t you?

Don’t just let time ruin you.




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